Yoga allows me to practice life. It is a tangible way for me to experience focus, patience, integrity, and spaciousness. It is a practical way to feel balance within; between inhale and exhale, holding and letting go, steadiness and ease, offering and receiving. It is a time and a space when I can be whole, when all the parts of me can simply be together as each moment goes by.

Experiencing these things on the mat encourages me to practice them as I move through my daily life. My yoga must be relevant, appropriate, and practical, and it must work inside the framework of my evolving life. It is an ongoing and lifelong practice, a path towards harmony in body, breath, mind, and heart.

I have been teaching yoga since 2012, with over one thousand hours of teaching experience since that time. My primary qualification is a 500 Hour yoga teacher training through Open Source Yoga. I have also studied Kids’ yoga (95 hours) and Restorative yoga (40 hours) through Semperviva Yoga College. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in contemporary dance from Simon Fraser University.

I live and teach in Nelson BC Canada; you can learn about new offerings with my seasonal email newsletter. I hope that my offerings help you to reconnect to your own integrity, your own expansiveness, and your own sense of wholeness. From my heart to yours…