What to Expect at In-Home Appointments

Below you will find my standard explanation of in-home appointments. Please view the detailed COVID-19 return to practice protocols on my homepage for a full picture of what appointments will look like for the next little while. These are in effect until further notice and will be updated as needed.

Please expect me to arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment to set up my equipment and supplies. I bring everything with me (table, body supports, sheets, blankets, massage oil, clean indoor shoes, soap, etc). If this is an initial appointment, and if you were unable to complete the online intake form, then you can use this time to complete a paper version of the form.  

All that I need you to provide is an empty space in which I can set up my treatment table and a sink for hand washing. Living rooms, recreation rooms, or spare bedrooms tend to work well; around 8 by 10 feet of empty space is ideal, though I can work with areas slightly different than that. Please do not feel obligated to clean or tidy before my arrival beyond clearing a space for the treatment.

After I have set up, we will spend a bit of time discussing your health history and your reason(s) for seeking treatment that day. I may ask questions about your current symptoms, observe and palpate (examine by touch) the area(s) to be treated, or take you through some relevant physical assessments. All of this is to help me create a treatment plan that is safe and effective for you. It is always up to you whether we proceed with the plan or make changes to it. You should feel confident in your understanding of what is happening and why throughout the treatment. You should always feel comfortable with your positioning, with the areas being treated, with your options for disrobing and draping, and with the techniques and amount of pressure being used. I may offer self-care strategies you can use at home to help you meet your treatment goals.

You can expect me to leave within 15 minutes of the end of your appointment after processing your payment, issuing a receipt, and cleaning up everything that I brought with me. In light of COVID-19, please allow extra time for enhanced cleaning protocols.

If you have any questions you would like answered before booking an appointment please contact me.

If this is your first appointment with an RMT in BC please visit the website of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of BC (RMTBC) to watch a video about what to expect.

All in all you can expect me in your home 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. (Please allow extra time after your treatment for enhanced cleaning protocols required in light of COVID-19.)

The only things you need to provide are an empty space in which I can set up my treatment table and a sink for hand washing.

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