Why do I teach yoga? I teach to help us all reconnect to our own integrity, expansiveness, and sense of wholeness. I teach to help us find our own harmony within. When we are able to practice harmony within ourselves it begins to be possible to create harmony in relationship to other people, to our communities, and to all aspects of our world.

What do I teach? I teach an alignment-based postural yoga practice complemented by the ease and release of restorative shapes. I teach about the stability created by the foundations of the postures. I teach about the balance of integration and expansion and about the importance of strength before stretch. I remind us all to maintain an ease and a fluidity in the breath and in the mind, both on our mats and throughout each day.

How do I teach? I offer verbal and visual instruction in moderately paced sessions where our efforts are always enough, and yet there are always new ways to learn and to move along the paths of our practice. I lead public and private classes where modifications, adaptations, and deconstructions of postures are as important as the traditional postures themselves.

Who do I teach? I teach all levels of students, though I focus my offerings towards people who appreciate a straightforward, active, and detailed practice. This includes anyone who seeks strength, opening, and release with a moderately paced practice. This includes students new to yoga who benefit from practicing basic postures with full explanations of their mechanics. This includes students with ongoing physical conditions who require extra attention to alignment and modification of postures. My restorative sessions are created for anyone who could benefit from more ease, release, stillness, and rest.