Private yoga sessions meet you where you are. They take place in your home and offer an approach to yoga that is relevant and appropriate for you. Your sessions may include:

  • learning therapeutic alignment principles
  • resolving postural imbalances created by day to day life so that you feel strong and mobile for years to come
  • creating a short sequence that you can practice on your own
  • breaking down and examining postures so that you feel confident and safe
  • supporting you in your personal practice
  • offering teachings in some other way that is relevant and appropriate


  • Six Session Series: $180 (A concentrated approach. All sessions to be used within six weeks. Excellent for new students or anyone seeking depth of instruction. A great way to build physical and mental memory of the basic principles of yoga practice.)
  • Single Session: $40 (An open approach. Excellent for students seeking ongoing support and guidance for their personal yoga practice.)

Prices above are inclusive and apply to 60 minute sessions.

Beginning in September of 2016 I will be studying full-time in Victoria BC to become a Registered Massage Therapist. If you are interested in pursuing private yoga sessions please contact me. Private sessions will continue to be available as I relocate from Nelson to Victoria in mid-August.