Work and Play

If you read these posts, attend my classes, or in any other way participate in yoga with me, you will likely notice that I speak about balance often. Balance is a play between two contrary elements, a concerted effort to allow these elements to coexist in some sort of harmony, and a trust that these elements actually converse with each other rather than battle with each other.

In today’s instance, the balance I seek is between work and play. At what point is it time to leave the house-cleaning alone and sit outside is the warm autumn sunshine? Does work come first or play? Or do they alternate over and over again in small pieces? Can work exist within play and play within work?

Do I tend generally towards work or play over the course of my days, and therefore which should I invite more of into my life? If I know the answer to this last question, can I apply the appropriate effort to manifest this balancing act?

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