Beginner’s Mind

“…[T]he most seriously advanced yoga student is the one who shows up regularly in his or her practice with an attitude of beginner’s mind. Practicing each day as though it is the first time, the advanced student appreciates that there is always something new to learn when doing yoga. Unattached to the outcome of the practice, he or she is fully present to the experience of doing yoga as a process through which to learn more about oneself while remaining open to changing in conscious ways that bring about greater freedom and happiness in life. Approached in this way, the yoga path is endless…” – Mark Stephens in “Yoga Sequencing”

What happens when we allow ourselves the time to become advanced students of life? I encourage you to read this quotation again, leaving aside the assumption that the author is referring to a postural yoga practice on a mat. What if your practice is the span of your day? What if you approach your recurring routines with a curious and receptive beginner’s mind? How does it feel to move through the day with this attitude? 

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