The rain this morning reminds me of being a kid. The rain meant that we had to stay indoors, that we had to find something rather quiet to do, and that we couldn’t run about. Now the rain means that I am able to stay indoors, that I have the opportunity to choose something rather quiet toContinue reading “Perspective”

Open Skies Above

I always feel as though I am a student of life, full of more questions than answers and more curiosity than skepticism. This week I am grateful to once again be a student in a more traditional sense, learning directly from a teacher about a subject I care deeply about. The process of learning opensContinue reading “Open Skies Above”

Beginner’s Mind

“…[T]he most seriously advanced yoga student is the one who shows up regularly in his or her practice with an attitude of beginner’s mind. Practicing each day as though it is the first time, the advanced student appreciates that there is always something new to learn when doing yoga. Unattached to the outcome of theContinue reading “Beginner’s Mind”