Seasonal Cycles

I’ve always found it difficult to pinpoint my favourite season, and I think it is because I appreciate the seasonal cycle itself more than any particular one. I feel lucky to live in a place where spring is moist and full of blossoms, summer is hot and sunny, and fall is crisp and clear. Winter here blankets the earth in snow, keeping it cozy and letting it rest until spring. We have so much to learn from these seasonal cycles when we pause for a moment to observe them. Winter teaches us the importance of rest, of not doing and not growing, of restoring our life energy for the coming spring. This is savasan at the end of your active practice on the mat. It appears to the eyes as though nothing is happening, but in truth there is so much invisible magic occurring beneath the surface of your resting body. It is an advanced practice indeed to learn the importance of rest and quiet and not doing.

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