The View from My Window

Every morning that I step onto my yoga mat I have the opportunity to look out this window. The window itself is always the same, and I am standing in nearly the exact same place as yesterday. What I see though, is constantly changing. Perhaps at first glance it appears the same as yesterday, but even one extra moment’s observation confirms that something is different. This is a reminder to continue observing the world, to continue looking at things with fresh eyes, to continue learning about them. It is a reminder that I never truly know what is out there. It is a reminder of this quote from Krishnamurti in The First and Last Freedom:

It needs an extraordinarily astute mind, and extraordinarily pliable heart, to be aware of and to follow what is; because what is is constantly moving, constantly undergoing a transformation, and if the mind is tethered to belief, to knowledge, it ceases to pursue, it ceases to follow the swift movement of what is.

When we think we know what it is that we see it becomes easy to assume, to jump to conclusions, and to destroy the truth of what is actually there in front of us. Everyone and everything deserves his or her or its truth to be seen, and that truth is constantly changing.

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