Yoga can be a rather solitary practice, both as a student and as a teacher. We all practice for different reasons and in different ways, and for more or less time throughout our lives. Even when we practice in a group environment, it is a very personal experience. I was reminded today that even when it feels like we are moving alone along the paths of our practice and the unfolding paths of our lives, there are always others moving with us. They might be right there beside us so that we can chat and explore together the road that we share. They might be walking beside us, but us both in silence, so that we feel very much connected yet very much on our own. They might have walked this stretch of path some time ago, and left us tools to help us on our way today. It is comforting to remember that we will always have travelling companions, even if they don’t know that we know they are there. Thank-you to all my travelling companions on this winding road of yoga! I hope to follow many more curves on this road with you.


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