Yoga can be a rather solitary practice, both as a student and as a teacher. We all practice for different reasons and in different ways, and for more or less time throughout our lives. Even when we practice in a group environment, it is a very personal experience. I was reminded today that even whenContinue reading “Companions”


Life has a tendency to wrap us into knots of tension, of repetition, of habit. These knots may be physical, mental, or emotional, or some combination of these. A physical yoga practice is one excellent way to unravel some of these knots. Another excellent way to unravel them is to allow ourselves a little time away fromContinue reading “Knots”


This weekend I participated in a workshop focused on arm balancing postures. The word courage came up and it got me thinking. By definition, courage depends on fear. What allows us to acknowledge our fear and then act courageously? I think it is trust. We trust our own skills and abilities to safely move us through a situation.Continue reading “Courage”