Life has a tendency to wrap us into knots of tension, of repetition, of habit. These knots may be physical, mental, or emotional, or some combination of these. A physical yoga practice is one excellent way to unravel some of these knots. Another excellent way to unravel them is to allow ourselves a little time away from our regular routines. This may involve travelling away from home and work on a small vacation, or it may involve going about our activities at home in a new way for at least a brief time. Last week I had the opportunity to travel to visit old friends for a few days. On the drive home I realized my inner vision felt clearer, my ruts of habit felt less deep, and my ability to set new intentions felt invigorated. I am grateful for this and for the support that surrounds me. Now my practice becomes lighting a fire inside and finding the courage and strength to manifest these new intentions…here we go!

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