First Steps

Taking our first steps out of or into anything is often very difficult. We must shift from stillness into movement. This movement may be in a known or unknown direction, but the movement itself can upset the comfortable sense of steadiness that we had in our previous stillness. We may have experienced any range ofContinue reading “First Steps”

Do Nothing

I have a tendency to worry about what I should be doing, what I need to do next, and what I should have already done. What if it is sometimes best to just do nothing? To let breath pass through my body? To allow the minutes to tick by unfilled? To see what I seeContinue reading “Do Nothing”

Internal vs. External Perception

Recently I have been asking students to place their feet with their eyes closed, using their inner eye and internal perception to place their feet parallel and hip width apart. Then I ask them to open their eyes and look to see where their feet actually are in space. This is a simple way toContinue reading “Internal vs. External Perception”


This weekend I participated in a workshop focused on arm balancing postures. The word courage came up and it got me thinking. By definition, courage depends on fear. What allows us to acknowledge our fear and then act courageously? I think it is trust. We trust our own skills and abilities to safely move us through a situation.Continue reading “Courage”