First Steps

Taking our first steps out of or into anything is often very difficult. We must shift from stillness into movement. This movement may be in a known or unknown direction, but the movement itself can upset the comfortable sense of steadiness that we had in our previous stillness. We may have experienced any range of sensations, feelings, or emotions in that previous still place. We may have labelled them as positive or negative or neutral. Yet the weight of inertia may still make it difficult to step out of that stillness and into movement of whatever kind.

Try taking first steps with steady intention in your heart; know why you are moving. Support that with clear focus in your mind, flowing energy throughout yourself, and firmness in your feet. Move your whole self in harmony with the intentions in your heart. Practice this on your mat as you move within and between various yoga postures and practice in your daily life as well. Notice how this feels.

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