Root First, then Integrate, then Expand

Building yoga postures can be very similar to growing fruits and vegetables. The preparatory stages of an asana are like a tomato seed living in an indoor seedling tray. You tend it very carefully to provide the optimal conditions for it to sprout and begin to grow. This is your consistent practice to strengthen and open theContinue reading “Root First, then Integrate, then Expand”

Internal vs. External Perception

Recently I have been asking students to place their feet with their eyes closed, using their inner eye and internal perception to place their feet parallel and hip width apart. Then I ask them to open their eyes and look to see where their feet actually are in space. This is a simple way toContinue reading “Internal vs. External Perception”


The roots of our physical postures provide the steadiness we need to grow and explore and flourish within each one. If our roots and core support structure are not deep and strong, then our expansion will not reach its potential. This asks us to be patient and diligent in deepening our roots and strengthening our coreContinue reading “Roots”