Everyday Memories

This is a drawing of an old memory. It was drawn by my good friend Ellen (she is standing second from the left). It depicts a very simple and everyday occasion; standing at a bus stop with friends on our way to school. I have placed this drawing above my desk where I see it and appreciate it often. Why such a special place for such a simple memory? It is easy to assume these lines and colours are showing us one occasion. In actuality this drawing is a collage of every single morning that we stood at this bus stop. It holds not one memory, but a couple of years worth of memories. It has a depth of meaning produced by the repetition of the action of standing at this bus stop.

The things we do often matter more than the things we do once in a while. They have a weight to them. They maintain a tangible quality despite the fact that in time they might become distant memories. What actions do you repeat regularly? These might be on your mat or off your mat. Take time to note these actions. Decide whether they deserve the weight and the importance they are receiving by their repetition. If they do, continue as you are. If they do not, decide to change your actions.

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