The time we spend shifting between two states deserves as much care and attention as the time we spend in the states themselves. When a cat transitions from wakefulness into sleep she allows as much time as needed to find the right spot, ‘knead’ her little paws into the sleeping surface, and curl up into aContinue reading “Transitions”

Inner Light

In the end, yoga is not about the postures that we practice on our mats. The postures, and the grander practice they are a part of, are a series of opportunities to connect to the light that lives deep within our hearts. They are opportunities to perhaps move through darkness towards that deep inner light.Continue reading “Inner Light”

Add a Little Colour

This post may not make sense to you immediately, but think about it for a moment and just see what comes to you. Occasionally I like to observe things from a framework other than the one I usually use. I find that new ideas present themselves simply because of the different vantage point I haveContinue reading “Add a Little Colour”

Everyday Memories

This is a drawing of an old memory. It was drawn by my good friend Ellen (she is standing second from the left). It depicts a very simple and everyday occasion; standing at a bus stop with friends on our way to school. I have placed this drawing above my desk where I see it andContinue reading “Everyday Memories”