The time we spend shifting between two states deserves as much care and attention as the time we spend in the states themselves. When a cat transitions from wakefulness into sleep she allows as much time as needed to find the right spot, ‘knead’ her little paws into the sleeping surface, and curl up into a cozy position. Only then does she sleep. When I help my garden transition from the flowering of summer into the dormancy of winter I allow enough time to harvest the edible plants, cut back the perennials, and protect the soil and roots with a layer of straw. Only then do I leave the garden to rest. When we transition from an active postural yoga practice into deep relaxation or ‘savasan’ we create warmth and comfort for our physical bodies, ease our breath and mind, and soften the space around our hearts. Only then do we unravel our movements into stillness. We transition into cat naps, winter gardens, and ‘savasan’ with care so that we may truly enjoy the depth of restorative stillness that we all deserve.

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