Cherish the Light

Without the light there is no dark and without the dark there is no light. As the days grow shorter we are reminded to cherish every moment that we do still receive light. We might tend warming fires, open curtains wide to slanting rays of sunshine, and begin again to enjoy candlelight. Perhaps we mayContinue reading “Cherish the Light”

Inner Light

In the end, yoga is not about the postures that we practice on our mats. The postures, and the grander practice they are a part of, are a series of opportunities to connect to the light that lives deep within our hearts. They are opportunities to perhaps move through darkness towards that deep inner light.Continue reading “Inner Light”


Over the years I have heard many people use the word ‘decompressing’ to describe time they have spent relaxing, letting go, or unwinding, generally after an effortful period of work. I unintentionally spent a few minutes yesterday evening simply sitting in my quiet home in silence; after a little time I realized that I quite literally feltContinue reading “Decompress”

Just Be…

I have a book of quotations that I have collected over the years. I enjoy perusing the collection every once in a while to see what I might see, and this one stood out to me today. It is from a book by Ann Daly called Critical Gestures: Writings on Dance and Culture. Practicing yoga helps us shiftContinue reading “Just Be…”