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Yoga with Roxoliana

Victoria BC

Tag / breath

Creating Space

We exhale the breath inside of us so that we can inhale deeply. We let go of activities from our daily lives to pursue new interests. We release discontent from our minds to create space for peace inside. We pull up weeds crowding gardens so that vegetables, fruits, and flowers will thrive. We soften the […]


Over the years I have heard many people use the word ‘decompressing’ to describe time they have spent relaxing, letting go, or unwinding, generally after an effortful period of work. I unintentionally spent a few minutes yesterday evening simply sitting in my quiet home in silence; after a little time I realized that I quite literally felt […]

Measuring Time

Why does it feel so luxurious to wake up with the sunshine when camping, even if it is very early in the morning? Why do we feel so much anxiety around the possibility of being late for work? Why does it feel different when you set out to be in a yoga posture for ten breaths […]